To Attend Dogs Must:

*Be Non-aggressive

​*Up-to-date Vaccines

*Spayed/neutered  after 6 mos old.

Grooming Services



W. Wilshire Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK  73116

At Canine Social Club, not only can your pooch play to their hearts content, they can go home smelling and looking great too!  Just let us know when you drop off at daycare or you can call and schedule a specific day with us, we guarantee you will love how your pooch will look with our sweet groomer Haley, we have great prices for bathing and grooming! 

Call 810-0876 today for your pooch's spa day!

Baths -bath, blow-dry and brushout, finish spritz, and bow or hanky to perfection!

$35 to $55                                            (small to large)

Furminator Baths -removes dead fur eliminating 90% of that dreaded shed hair.                                                      Takes extra 15 minutes than ordinary bath.

$45 to $65                                          (small to large)

*Haircuts - Bath, haircut, blow-dry, brush-out, spritz, Hankie or bow . 

  $45 to $120                                     (small to large )

 Nail Trim - $12 

Brush-outs - $15-$25 (no bath included)

*price can change depending on length of hair, if de-matting is required charges may apply of $15